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Being able to work comfortably with your therapist can be an important factor in successful therapy.  We therefore suggest that you contact several P.S.H. therapists in your geographical area and speak with each of them before deciding to make an appointment.  You may feel more comfortable working with one particular person than you do/would with the others.

NOTE: Make sure your therapist is appropriately trained and qualified.  There are people both in Australia and some other countries who claim to be P.S.H. therapists, who have never been trained in the method.  For further information about this, follow the 'More information' link in the menu or click HERE.

To find a Registered P.S.H. therapist near you, please contact us for referral to a trained and accredited therapist in your area.

We only refer clients to therapists who keep themselves abreast of the latest methods and understandings of the P.S.H. model and who advertise and conduct their practices according to a very strict set of professional guidelines, which are in place to protect the integrity of the P.S.H. name and therapy model and the safety and professional treatment of our clients.

Phone: (07) 3378 5336  -   [+ 61 7 3378 5336]

Email: See the details on the 'contact page'

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