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"For those who seek a truly satisfying and rewarding career in one of the most rapidly expanding areas of professional health care"

Greg Brice , Principal Trainer of I.C.S.T.R. (QLD) - author, Healing Your Feelings

Greg Brice

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The forerunner of the I.C.S.T.R. (Qld) P.S.H. Practitioner Training Program was first conducted in Sydney NSW in 1990.  Experience has clearly shown that no particular academic, experiential or professional background has proved necessary or even beneficial in determining a trainee's eventual proficiency as a P.S.H. therapist.

With regard to becoming a successful P.S.H. therapist, a student's attitude, commitment, common sense and a willingness to learn are far more important than ANY formal credentials.

People from many walks of life have now successfully trained as P.S.H. therapists.  Past and current students include people with no prior experience in any professional capacity, through to nurses and midwives, doctors, psychologists, hypnotherapists, occupational health workers, counsellors, natural therapists and many others.

A growing number of therapists are embracing the P.S.H. approach as they so often discover it to be far more effective than their current or previous methods.

Due to its comprehensive structure, there are no formal academic, professional or experiential skills required to undertake the I.C.S.T.R. (Qld) P.S.H. Practitioner Training Program.  There are however, several prerequisites that are mandatory.  These include:


A genuine interest in helping people to help themselves

This course is specifically designed for people who have a genuine interest in becoming effective, professional 'people helpers'.  It is not a 'self help' course and it is not for those with only a 'passing' or 'self interest'.  It is explicitly designed as a 'vocational training program'.  Our aim is to teach you what is necessary to establish yourself in a new and rewarding career in a very important and expanding area of health care.

A solid sense of personal integrity and ethics

It is essential that students are 'well centred', congenial individuals, with a natural predisposition to high ethical and moral standards.

A willingness to complete an intensive course of formal study

Successful completion of the program requires a dedicated commitment. In addition to the time spent attending the four training modules, there are written home assignments to complete and home (or clinic) practise to be carried out.  For those with a genuine keenness and interest, it is not an onerous task.  It does however, require a true drive to work hard and a genuine desire to be good at what you do.

Adequate literacy skills and academic ability to successfully complete the required training program

There is a considerable amount of reading and written work involved in the home assignments and the theoretical, assessment sections of the program.  Everyone is considered on a case by case basis and extra support and backup is offered in cases where a genuinely keen student may otherwise struggle.  If you are drawn to this work and think the academic requirements may be beyond you, you should speak with us.  See our contact details here

An acceptance of the need for a purity of therapeutic approach

We do not expect students to abandon other modalities or methods they may currently utilise.  However, when P.S.H. is indicated and used correctly, it is always important to use it on its own, in any given therapeutic intervention.  P.S.H. does not lend itself to 'mixing and matching' with other techniques.

A commitment to undertake post graduate development

Graduates are encouraged to join the Australasian Subconscious-mind Therapists' Association (ASTA).  Membership of the Association requires continuing self-development and professional education, in the form of workshops, seminars and appropriate external education programs.

A genuine undertaking to complete the program with the express intention of working professionally as a Registered P.S.H. therapist

Intending students should be prepared to give their best efforts and have a genuine desire to attend and complete all training modules and required course work.  Although the school cannot force participants to work professionally with P.S.H., the entire program is structured with this goal in mind.  Those who demonstrate a genuine initiative and enthusiasm, receive all the support and assistance necessary to successfully complete the program and become professional practitioners.

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Course award:

Graduate Statement of Proficiency
in P.S.H. Therapy - (G.S.P.P.)


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