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More than 66,000 words of cutting edge material


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Dynamic Therapy Scripts - page titleby Greg Brice


Do You Want To Take Your Professional

Skills To The Next Level?

Dynamic Therapy Scripts cover

Dynamic Therapy Scripts

will help you do that

Dynamic Therapy Scripts  has been written for professional subconscious-mind therapists who want to upgrade their skills and deliver the very best help they are capable of delivering.

   For therapists using hypnosis, TimeLine, Ego State, Parts & similar therapies.


You will find more than

66,000 WORDS

of cutting edge information in this E-book.

D T S has been produced for therapists who have received basic training and want to take their professional skills to the next level.

Many experienced therapists will also find it a valuable resource.

It has been designed as a learning aid with detailed explanations of all the principles, philosophies, methods and dialogue pieces that are offered.


D T S contains many graphic displays and sections containing some of the most valuable information, from many of the world's leading exponents of subconscious-mind therapy.  There are heaps of therapeutic dialogue examples and the program is fully searchable — find any word, phrase or subject — anywhere in the book — just type your word and click.


Greg Brice - P.S.H. trainer & authorThe author has been a full-time, professional therapist since 1973 and a teacher of the profession since 1990.  The program includes 25 comprehensive information sections with definitions, terminology lists, summaries and heaps of therapeutic dialogue scripts (all of which have detailed explanations of the principles and language patterns used in them).

It is not just a 'book full of scripts to be read to clients'.  It has been written for the specific purpose of giving therapists the tools necessary to create their own therapeutic dialogue, in the most effective and individual manner.  Those who take the time to understand and take advantage of the information offered will find it a very valuable resource.


Most people are surprised to find how easy it is to learn valuable techniques when

 the teaching program is constructed in the format of

Dynamic Therapy Scripts.


NOTE:  You will find no advertising hype, hidden agendas, adware, spyware or unsubstantiated claims in this book - just good old fashioned, down to earth honesty and lots of quality information from the clinical experience of someone whose passion is to help you make a true difference.

AND, it is a risk-free investment.  We are so confident you will find this book to be what we claim, if you are not completely satisfied, ask within 30 days of purchase and you will receive 100% of your investment back - no questions asked.

This book would be of no value to people seeking the help of therapy.  It is not a self-help book.  It is for therapists who want to deliver the highest quality subconscious-mind therapy possible, to their clients.

Please note that the program has been designed to operate on a Windows PC.  Without the necessary software it may not run on other systems.  You may be able to download suitable software from either of these locations HERE or HERE.


Click the links in the right margin above to download a completely FREE Introductory copy of Dynamic Therapy Scripts and/or read a brief overview of the program.  Unless you are familiar with the book, it is suggested you read the overview and download the Introductory version, before getting the full version.  A more detailed overview is included in the Introductory version.  Or, you can simply download the FULL version now.


For a short period, the Registered version of this E-book is being offered at the special price of $49.90 (Australian dollars).  With this book you are getting a far more useful and valuable resource than you would with many programs, commonly priced in excess of $150.  Original purchasers will receive updated versions completely free.  You can download the FREE Introductory version now, and see first hand what you are getting.  The free version gives you access to the Introduction, the Contents page, the overview and a brief description of the contents of all sections, plus more.  Or you can order and download the FULL version now. 


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