The genuine P.S.H. (Private Subconscious-mind Healing) model of therapy has been developed entirely in Australia and practised by the principal trainer of this professional training program since 1983.  He is one of the two original developers of the model.  Some aspects of the delivery of P.S.H. have slowly evolved over that time, however the basic, original philosophies and principals upon which the model is based, have remained constant throughout.

Unfortunately, due in part to the success of P.S.H., there have been several other therapy models given similar names (and acronyms) and this can be somewhat confusing to the uninformed person seeking help.  In many cases, these other models are also described in very similar terms, adding further to the confusion.  Our concern is that these other models may appear to the uninformed, to be P.S.H. when they are not.  We do not say that they are no good, however we ARE concerned that people may be confused.  We also know of instances where other methods are claimed to be the same as P.S.H, and in these cases P.S.H. is being seriously misrepresented.

Qualified P.S.H. therapists who have attended ongoing training and update workshops and stayed abreast of the latest methods used in P.S.H. can be trusted to use the best methods to help their clients make the changes they seek.  They are also careful to promote themselves in a professional manner, using the accepted format and details of their work with P.S.H.

When searching for genuine P.S.H., you might take particular notice of the following:

1) The official way to present the name of P.S.H. is either, Private Subconscious-mind Healing (when using the full name) or, P.S.H. (when only the acronym is used).  ANY OTHER combination of words, letters or full stops is not acceptable when referring to the genuine model.

2) Qualified P.S.H. therapists will refer to themselves as a P.S.H. therapist or a Registered P.S.H. therapist.  There is NO OTHER acceptable title for a qualified P.S.H. therapist.

3)  In cases where the P.S.H. therapist also uses other modalities, they will be careful to keep their other methods separate to P.S.H. in their advertising.  Likewise, they will not use other methods with a client with whom they use P.S.H.   P.S.H. DOES NOT lend itself to 'mixing and matching' with other therapies.

If you are in any doubt as to whether or not a particular therapist has been trained and is qualified in the current, genuine model of P.S.H., feel free to contact the owners of this website.  Likewise, if you see therapists advertising in a manner contrary to the outline above, please advise us accordingly.

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We maintain a list of all qualified, up-to-date P.S.H. therapists who follow the above guidelines and only refer clients to these people.

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